Scuola Normale Superiore di Firenze, Florence, Italy                         Dec 2016
Talk on immigrant workers organizing

John Hopkins University, Bologna, Italy                                                  Nov 2016
Conference: “Italian Politics”

Paper: “The Challenges of Protecting Refugees
and Immigrants’ Human Rights” (with Tiziana Caponio)

Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Turin, Italy                                                       Oct 2016
Conference: “Migrazioni in Europa: Instabilità e innovazione”

Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Turin, Italy                                                    June 2016
Workshop on “Italian Crisis””
Organized by Matthew Evangelista and Sidney Tarrow (Cornell University)

Cornell University, Ithaca, USA                                                                  May 2016
Industrial and Labor Relations School
Paper: “Challenges and Opportunities for Immigrant
Workers Organizing in the Globalized Economy:
Case Studies from Italy and Spain”

European University Institute, Florence, Italy                                        Apr 2016
Seminar: Migration Working Group at the Robert Schuman Center
Paper: “Non-State Actors and Mobilization in Favour
of Immigrants’ Rights in Hostile Environments: ‘A Day Without Us’ in Italy’