I have considerable experience working with grassroots organizations, local administrators, and stakeholders in Italy and Canada. In 2013 and 2014, in Italy, I was involved with civil society organizations that work in favour of immigrants’ and refugees’ rights. I helped organize social mobilization events with grassroots movements, gave consultations, and organized training activities with community organizers as well as trade unions and church-based organizations on how to promote innovative approaches to grassroots advocacy in a multi-ethnic setting. During these trainings, I developed a dynamic approach to engaged learning by encouraging the audience to take part in discussions, simulate debates, and address critical sociological and political issues. These experiences, combined with my academic training, have taught me to be versatile, and to adapt my language to the needs of my audience, particularly when there are important linguistic and cultural divides. In Toronto, between 2014 and 2015, I took part in  events related to refugees’ resettlement and I developed relationships with organizations that promote improved conditions for immigrants and refugees in Canada. Thanks to my work in these highly diverse settings, I have learnt to adapt myself to different cultural contexts, achieve multiple tasks in collaborative environments, take responsibility, and work effectively with government officials, stakeholders, grassroots organizations, and immigrants in vulnerable conditions. I have also developed strong coordination skills and the ability to build collegial team environments in multicultural organizations.

Advisory positions as expert of migration 

Consultant for the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA)
EU-funded Project Title: “Promoting Migration Management in Georgia through Research-based Advocacy, Awareness, Networking and Use of Technologies.”

My main tasks: Offering expert advice to institutional actors and grassroots organizations in Italy and Georgia on protecting undocumented immigrants’ rights (see ‘Publications’)

Consultant for Vision Europe Summit 2016 on the Refugee Crisis
Project Title: “Improving the Responses to the Migration and Refugee Crisis in Europe.”

Main tasks: Developing the project and writing a policy report on counteracting negative responses of public opinion and political actors towards immigration in Europe (see ‘Publications’)
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Other non-academic experience 

Invited Talk at the Eunomia Master, Florence, Italy Feb 2016
Political-Institutional Training for local administrators

Invited as an Expert of European Immigration
 Official document: Eunomia-2016

Interview at CTV News, Toronto, Canada Sept 2015
Invited as an Expert of European Immigration
Subject: The European Refugees’ Crisis

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada Jun 2015
Jack Layton Summer School for Youth Leadership

Canadian Council for Refugees, Gatineau-Ottawa, Canada Nov 2014
Consultation: Connecting Communities, saving lives
Participation as a member of FCJ Refugee Center