Fieldwork in Italy (2013-2014)


Fieldwork in Brescia  

“Struggle of the Crane”: A protest organized by undocumented immigrants and the radical left  (Sept-Nov 2010)

Demonstration: ‘A Day Without Us! The First March Strike’ (Mar 2010) 

*Archives of the Radical Left of Brescia (Organization: ‘Rights for All’)


Fieldwork in Rome 

“Demonstration against Austerity” : Organized by grassroots organizations and radical trade unions (Oct 10-11, 2013)                   

Manifestation 18 october Rome 2013

*Photos by Teresa Cappiali (October 10-11, 2013)


Fieldwork in Modena

National Assembly of the Migrant Delegates” : Organized by the main left-wing trade union of the metalworkers (FIOM-CGIL) (June 17, 2013)

Title: Citizenship, Democracy, Work, Income: Rights for All


Archives of the meeting (Main links)

Photos of the event

Photographic exhibition presented during the National Assembly of the Migrant Delegates  [of the trade union] (by Tamara Casula)

Main visual and written documents